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For more than 27 years, Desert Adventures has been a leading Destination Management Company that showcases the best of the UAE, Oman and Jordan. Their industry experience, local expertise and innovative B2B systems enable them to efficiently provide visa support and transport services, a wide offering of select hotel accommodations, and an exciting range of unique tours and excursions as well as pre-decided to tailor-made packages.
• The offer is valid for booking until June 30, 2024.
• The voucher can be redeemed any time between June 15 – September 15, 2024.
• Tours are available on SHARING BASIS (Private tour options are available at a different cost).
• Desert Adventures Tourism shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage to personal items and belongings while engaged in any booked Excursion activities.
• Guests are responsible for obtaining international travel insurance that is valid during their stay period.
• The General Child Policy for the tours is from four (4) to 11.99 years of age.
• At The Top Burj Khalifa – The Child Rate applies to children from four (4) to 11.99 years of age. Children from 3.99 years and below will be admitted free of charge.
• Child Rate may be applicable by height for certain theme parks. Children below 1.2 meters in height will be subject to Child Rate. However, children below two years of age (1.99), will be admitted free of charge.
• Children below five years of age (4.99) will not be allowed on the following tours: Seawings seaplane tours, balloon flights, Helicopter tours, and yacht boat tours. Additional tour restrictions may apply for children who are under 2 years old or weigh under 15kg.
• Children below five years of age (5.99) are not allowed to join the Desert Safari activity on SHARING BASIS. The exception to this condition is only available on PRIVATE TOUR BASIS with a child seat (open sign disclaimer).
• Additional terms and conditions may apply for all other attractions and activities, offered by Desert Adventures Tourism.
• Should any of the tours and/or activities be cancelled or postponed due to weather conditions, guests shall be entitled to a full refund.
• Guests are entitled to a 100% refund if tours are cancelled by guests 72 hours prior to the date of activity, except for activities that have specifically mentioned a longer cancellation notice period. Any cancellation that takes place with less than 72 hours left from the date of the booked activity, will be charged in full with no refunds.
• Desert Adventures Tourism shall not be held liable for any refund due to nonfunctional rides at any theme park, for which entry passes or packages have been booked through Desert Adventures Tourism and their staff.
• Desert Adventures Tourism shall not be held liable for any refund due to any medical condition that prevents guests from engaging in any theme park experiences provided by Desert Adventures Tourism and their staff.
• No show guests will be charged 100% of applicable fees for excursion activities that were booked through Desert Adventures. Guides/Drivers will enforce a maximum waiting period of 15 minutes.
• The following persons are not allowed to join the Desert Safari activities: Adults above 65 years old; children below 6 years old Pregnant women Persons suffering from back injuries or any other physical impairments that can be aggravated with fast movement.
• Desert Adventures is not liable for any damages to people belonging to any of the above classifications, should they choose to participate in a Desert Safari activity.
• Original Passport must be presented prior to the trip or engaging in such activities.
• Failure to present Original Passport will lead to the cancellation of the trip and 100% charges will be applicable.
• City tours that include visits to historical and religious sites will have a strict dress code in place (i.e. midriff, legs, chest and back must be covered)
• Some religious sites, such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, will require women to wear head scarves. • Guests may also be asked to cover tattoos. • Any refund or return request will be directly dealt with by Fiori. In case of a refund request, only the amount saved by the user will be refunded.
• IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER Desert Adventures Tourism or any of its representatives DO NOT OFFER sandboarding and/or quad biking activities. Should you be offered such activities by any of our suppliers and agree to engage in sandboarding/quad biking, Desert Adventures Tourism shall not be held liable for any incident that may cause harm, injury or death as a result of engaging in such activities. • For more information proceed to:
• Following your booking, you will promptly receive an email containing essential details such as your booking reference number, terms and conditions, along with comprehensive instructions for the booking process.
• Within 0-4 hours of your booking, Desert Adventure will contact you to confirm the preferred date and time, ensuring the seamless finalization of the services.
• For more information proceed to:

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