Did you watch our collab video with Sherouk Abdelaziz ? Wondering how to make AED 2000 with Sav card ? Know more

At Sav, we believe in the power of effortless money management. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your finances, achieve your dreams, and enjoy life’s moments, both big and small.

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Feel good about money.

Feel good about money .

Set aside money automatically

Achieve Goals as a Team

Sav helps you personalize the way you manage money together with your family.

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Sav's AI Powered Money
Management Platform

Money Stress? We got you. With over 100k installs, we’re proud to have helped users to plan and achieve their goals. 

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Your goals,
our mission 

Savrs have created over 10,000 goals across travel, electronics, education , retirement etc.

Your spare change

Every time you spend with the Sav card, we round up your spare change and move it in one of your goals.

Making your money
do more.

Sav rewards you for every milestone achieved. More planning = more rewards.

Save Now, Buy Later 

We believe that rewards, points, and incentives shouldn’t only come from paying with credit. We bring you closer to your dream purchase by helping you plan, save, and spend. And, your favorite brands add rewards for it

Join the Sav Pro Community 

Be on top of your money game and attract more rewards as you plan, Save and spend with pro, you get benefits of AED 1,200 p.m, as cashbacks, freebies, creadits and more

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At Sav, we're dedicated to make money management effortless and rewarding

Join us in the journey towards financial  freedom. 
Start saving smarter with Sav today.

That Inspire Us : 

Award-Winning Fintech Startup: We’re thrilled to have received the “Best Fintech Startup Award” in 2023 and the “Most Promising Startup Award” in 2022. These accolades inspire us to continue innovating.

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Military-Grade Security

Your Security Matters: Rest easy knowing your data is protected by military-grade security measures. We’ve left no stone unturned in safeguarding your financial well-being.

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