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With over 50 years of expertise, Fiori combines decades of craftsmanship to offer exquisitely designed and ethically sourced diamond jewelry. Enhance your experience by purchasing a gift card and save 17% on your favourite jewelry pieces.
• This offer applies only to purchases made from Fiori Jewels using the gift voucher code availed from the Sav platform.
• The offer is non-transferable unless explicitly stated.
• Any refund or return request will be directly dealt with by Fiori. In case of a refund request, only the amount saved by the user will be refunded.
• To book or explore please visit https://www.fiorijewels.com/ or any Fiori outlet.
Buy gift vocuhers and save 17% on Diamond jewellery from Marhaba.
• You will receive an email containing reference number and terms and conditions. This email will work as a Gift voucher.
• Select any Jewellery and present this email at the counter to encash the voucher amount.
• For more information on Fiori proceed to: https://www.fiorijewels.com/

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