Marhaba Jewelry Gift Voucher

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Marhaba Jewellers stands as a premier destination for exquisite jewelry in Dubai, featuring an extensive range of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry, alongside a curated selection of watches. Our experienced team excels in crafting custom pieces tailored to your exact specifications. Elevate your style by purchasing a gift card today and enjoy a generous 50% discount on your favorite diamond jewelry.
• This offer applies only to purchases made from Marhaba Jewellery using the gift voucher code availed from the Sav platform.
• The offer is non-transferable unless explicitly stated.
• Any refund or return request will be directly dealt with by Marhaba Jewellery. In case of a refund request, only the amount saved by the user will be refunded.
• Not applicable on the website only for physical stores of Marhaba Jewellery.
• Main Brnach: MARHABA JEWELLERY MAIN BRANCH, Gold Souq, Deira Ground Floor Shop No:01/02, Beshwari Building.
• To Explore more please visit:
• Buy and save 50% on Diamond jewellery from Marhaba.
• You will receive an email containing reference number and terms and conditions. This email will work as a Gift voucher.
• Visit any Marhaba store in Dubai (A total 4 stores)
• Select any diamond jewellery and present your email at the counter to encash the voucher amount.
• Visit Marhaba website :

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