Give Purpose To Your Money.

Achieve more with Goals.

Your financial dreams take center stage here. Be it a dream vacation, the latest electronics, stunning jewelry, your dream car, quality education, or creating the perfect home with stylish furniture, Sav helps you achieve it.

How to Create Goals:

Its simple. Start by selecting a category that resonates with your goal. Choose one that suits your dream. Then, set a target amount and a target date, just like planning a journey.

With Sav, you can create, track, and visualize your goals effortlessly.

Message from our founder:

Sav isn’t just about setting goals; it’s about meeting them in a sustainable manner. We make money management easier through automation and gamification. Sav offers features like Salary Sorter, Round-Up, and Set and Forget to ensure you stay on track. Plus, we reward your milestones, making money-management even more enjoyable.
-Purvi Munot, Co-founder and CEO

Dive in, set your goals, and start planning your purchases. Join the Sav community today!

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