Smart savings unleashed: Navigating your financial journey with Sav .

Picture this: Your dreams are big, your goals even bigger, but your pay check? Not quite matching up. Fear not, for in this age of innovation, a savvy solution has emerged – Sav. It’s not just an app; it’s your financial BFF, here to help you save smart, live smart, and heck, even invest smart. Let’s dive into the world of “Smart Ways to Save with Sav” and unleash your financial superhero.

1. Budget Like a Boss: Bid farewell to those budgeting blues. Sav doesn’t judge; it helps you craft a saving plan that fits your lifestyle like your favorite pair of sneakers. With a few taps, you’ll know where your money is going, and more importantly, where you want it to go.

2. Round-Up Magic: Ever wondered where those spare dirhams vanish? Sav catches them! Connect your accounts, and every time you grab that triple-shot caramel macchiato, Sav rounds up the change and parks it safely in your savings. No pain, just gain.

3. Goal Setting, FTW: Dreams are the fuel of life, and Sav is your dream catcher. Set your goals – be it a Swiss trip or that vintage gaming console – and watch as Sav transforms your ambitions into a reality. It’s like having a personal savings genie at your fingertips. Goal based savings is your secret to make future dreams come true.

4. No-Touch Savings: We know, temptations are real. That sale on sneakers? Irresistible. But worry not, with Sav’s No-Touch Savings, you can lock away your savings for a specific goal. Your future self will thank you while rocking those fresh kicks.

5. High-Five for High Rewards: Gone are the days of shopping without gaining. Sav’s got your back with amazing rewards and cashback when you spend on your favourite brands. Sav actually gives your money a chance to grow – and by grow, we mean more than just that indoor plant you kind of forgot to water.

6. Learning Is Earning: Sav doesn’t stop at savings; it’s your financial guru. Dive into the ocean of financial literacy articles, videos, and tips. You’ll be slinging around terms like “sustainable affordability” at parties – the cool kind of party, goal based savings & smart rules to save money.

So there you have it, your ultimate sidekick in the realm of smart savings – Sav. With its intuitive features and penchant for making your financial journey a breeze, you’ll be saving like a pro and living your best life. Remember, in the game of life, Sav is your cheat code to financial awesomeness. Time to level up!


Sav app will make you feel good about money with fun saving rules, and rewards for EVERY Dirham you save. We are ambitious, positive, and always focused on what matters most to people.

You can start your savings journey with Sav by downloading our app – iOS or Android

Sav helps you to plan for your financially for your short term & long term savings goals. You can start your savings journey with Sav by planning, tracking & investing your money. For more, Download our app – iOS or Android.

SNBL stands for Save Now Buy Later, a concept that encourages sustainable spending.

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