Sav Card Features.

Unlock a world of exclusive benefits with the Sav Card, your gateway to smarter, more secure spending.

Here’s why you’ll love having the Sav Card in your wallet:

Visa Platinum Privileges.
As a Sav Cardholder, you receive all the exclusive benefits of a Visa Platinum card, providing you with unparalleled perks and rewards. Discover a world of exciting offers and savings by visiting Visa Platinum Card Details.
Global Acceptance.

Your Sav Card is accepted at over 80 million merchants worldwide, ensuring that you have the flexibility to make payments wherever you go.

Low Foreign Exchange Conversion Charges.

Enjoy the freedom to shop globally with minimal foreign exchange conversion charges, ensuring that you save on every international transaction. 

Full control with the Sav App.

The Sav App provides you with complete control over your card. Freeze your card, change your PIN, or adjust daily limits effortlessly.

Free ATM Withdrawals.

Withdraw cash from ATMs without worrying about additional charges.

Round Up Rules Savings.
Automatically save money every time you spend by setting up round-up rules, helping you reach your goals faster.

No Minimum Balance.

Your Sav Card doesn’t require a minimum balance, allowing you to maintain your finances more comfortably.

Digital Wallet Integration.​

Link your Sav Card with Samsung Pay and Android Pay for hassle-free digital transactions.

Point of Sale (POS) usage.

Pay with your Sav Card at any Point of Sale terminal and enjoy convenient transactions.

Enhanced Security

Our advanced security features provide doubly secure transactions, offering peace of mind with every payment.

Reward for saving

Receive rewards for every AED saved on the Sav app, making saving money even more satisfying.

Instant and Free Money Transfer.​

Send money instantly and for free to anyone on Sav, ensuring your transactions are as swift as your lifestyle.

The Sav Card is your key to more than just spending; it’s a gateway to financial freedom and smarter, more secure transactions. Apply for your Sav Card today and unlock a world of possibilities

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