Where to Save Money? Mastering Your Finances with Sav

In today’s world, financial goals can feel overwhelming. Between managing daily expenses and saving for that dream vacation or a comfortable future, it’s easy to feel lost. But what if we told you there was an app that could simplify saving, make it a breeze, and even reward you for your discipline?
That’s where Sav comes in. We’re a UAE-based fintech app built around five core pillars designed to empower you on your financial journey.

Today, we’re focusing on the cornerstone of healthy finances: saving.

Identify Your Goals, Conquer Your Savings 

The first step to successful saving is defining your goals. Are you saving for a dream vacation, a child’s education, or a secure retirement? Having a clear vision in mind fuels motivation and helps you prioritize your spending.
Sav’s goal-based saving allows you to create personalized accounts for each goal.

This not only keeps your saving organized, but also allows you to track progress and celebrate milestones.

Automation: Your Secret Weapon

Sticking to a budget can be challenging. Sav simplifies this process with built-in automation tools like: 

  • Salary Sorter: Automatically divert a portion of your salary directly into your savings goals as soon as it hits your account. 
  • Round-Up Spare Change: Transform your everyday purchases into savings opportunities. Every time you use your Sav debit card, the transaction amount is rounded up, with the difference deposited into your designated savings goal. 
  • Set and Forget: Schedule recurring transfers from your linked bank account to consistently fuel your savings. 

Savvy Spending that Saves You More 
Sav doesn’t just help you save; it rewards you for smart spending habits. Our virtual debit card, powered by Visa and accepted worldwide, allows you to seamlessly manage your money. Every purchase you make with the Sav card rounds up the spare change, adding it to your savings goals. 

Earning While You Save
With Sav, saving goes beyond just accumulating money. We incentivize your financial discipline with our Sav Coins program. For every dirham you save, you earn 1 Sav Coin. These coins can be redeemed for exciting rewards like free coffees, movie tickets, and discounts on your favourite e-commerce platforms. 

Save Together, Achieve Faster 
Sav’s unique Sav ID feature makes sending and requesting money between users a breeze. Need to split a dinner bill with friends? Just use your Sav ID for instant and free transfers. 

Introducing Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL): A Revolutionary Approach
Sav is proud to be the first app in the GCC region to offer SNBL. This innovative feature allows you to set a savings goal for a specific product and collaborate with the brand to achieve it faster. The brand contributes to your goal, making that dream purchase a reality sooner. 

Sav: Your Partner in Financial Wellness
Sav is more than just a savings app; it’s your financial companion. We provide the tools, gamification, and secure environment (partnered with Mashreq Bank) to empower you on your path to financial freedom. 

So, where should you save money? The answer is simple: Sav. Download the app today and unlock a world of convenient, rewarding, and secure saving.

Sav app will make you feel good about money with fun saving rules, and rewards for EVERY Dirham you save. We are ambitious, positive, and always focused on what matters most to people.

You can start your savings journey with Sav by downloading our app – iOS or Android

Sav helps you to plan for your financially for your short term & long term savings goals. You can start your savings journey with Sav by planning, tracking & investing your money. For more, Download our app – iOS or Android.

SNBL stands for Save Now Buy Later, a concept that encourages sustainable spending. 

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