The Most Rewarding Savings App in the UAE: Unveiling Sav

In today’s dynamic world, saving money can feel like an uphill battle. Between rising living costs and enticing “treat yourself” moments, staying on track with financial goals can be a challenge. But what if there was an app that not only simplifies saving but also rewards you for your discipline? Introducing Sav, the UAE’s most rewarding savings app, designed to empower you to achieve your financial aspirations.

Built with Your Savings Goals in Mind.

Sav goes beyond being just a savings app. It’s a comprehensive financial companion that leverages five core pillars to transform your saving journey: 

  1. Effortless Saving:

    Tired of manual transfers and missed contributions? Sav offers a suite of automation tools like Salary Sorter, Round-Up Spare Change, and Set & Forget to make saving seamless. These features ensure your goals are prioritized without any additional effort.

  2. Spend Wisely, Save Smartly:

    Sav doesn’t restrict you from everyday spending instead helps you to spend sustainably. Every registered user receives a virtual debit card powered by VISA, allowing you to spend conveniently while still contributing to your saving goals. With every purchase, spare change gets rounded up and deposited towards your round-up saving plan. Furthermore, the Sav card boasts global acceptance across over 80 million merchants, giving you spending flexibility without compromising your saving aspirations.

  3. Earn Rewards as You Save:

    Sav celebrates your saving milestones! Every dirham saved earns you a Sav Coin, which unlocks a treasure trove of rewards. Imagine treating yourself to a free coffee, catching a movie on the house, or enjoying discounts on your favorite e-commerce platforms – all for making smart financial choices. Beyond Sav Coins, Sav offers exclusive incentives like noon gift vouchers and cashback on utility bills, providing a tangible boost to your saving efforts.

  4. Effortless Money Transfers:

    Say goodbye to cumbersome bank transfers and account details. Sav introduces a unique Sav ID system, allowing you to send and request money instantly and for free using just a username. This fosters a seamless money-sharing experience amongst friends and family.

  5. Introducing Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL):

    Sav is pioneering a revolutionary concept in the GCC region – SNBL. This innovative feature allows you to set a saving goal for a specific purchase, with Sav itself contributing a portion to expedite your saving journey. 

Sav: Your Gateway to Financial Freedom

Sav is more than just an app; it’s a paradigm shift in how you manage your finances. By incorporating automation, gamification, and rewarding incentives, Sav empowers you to achieve your financial goals effortlessly. So, take charge of your financial future. Download Sav today and embark on a rewarding journey towards financial well-being.

Sav app will make you feel good about money with fun saving rules, and rewards for EVERY Dirham you save. We are ambitious, positive, and always focused on what matters most to people.

You can start your savings journey with Sav by downloading our app – iOS or Android

Sav helps you to plan for your financially for your short term & long term savings goals. You can start your savings journey with Sav by planning, tracking & investing your money. For more, Download our app – iOS or Android.

SNBL stands for Save Now Buy Later, a concept that encourages sustainable spending. 

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