5 Best Free Videos on Financial Wellness and Mindful Spending.

Achieving financial wellness involves more than just managing your budget; it’s about cultivating a mindful and intentional approach to your finances. Fortunately, there are insightful videos available for free that provide valuable insights into financial well-being and mindful spending. Here are five of the best videos, each offering a unique perspective on achieving financial harmony.

1.”The Power of Financial Education” – TEDx Talks

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In this TEDx Talk, personal finance expert and author, Tiffany Aliche, discusses the transformative power of financial education. She emphasizes the impact of financial knowledge on personal empowerment and the importance of making informed decisions to achieve financial wellness.

2.”The Art of Mindful Spending” – The Financial Diet

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The Financial Diet explores the concept of mindful spending in this video. It delves into the idea that spending money can be a mindful and intentional act, aligning with your values and priorities. The video provides practical tips on how to bring mindfulness into your financial habits.

3.”Your Relationship with Money” – Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins, a renowned life and business strategist, discusses the psychology behind our relationship with money. He explores how our beliefs and emotions influence financial decisions and shares strategies to shift our mindset for financial success.

4.”The Three Most Important Money Skills” – The Financial Diet

Watch the video here

The Financial Diet returns with a video focusing on the three fundamental money skills that are crucial for financial wellness. The video breaks down budgeting, saving, and investing in an accessible and engaging manner, making financial literacy more attainable for everyone.

5.”Mind Over Money” – National Geographic

Watch the video here

This documentary-style video by National Geographic explores the psychology of financial decision-making. It delves into the science behind our financial behaviors and offers insights into how understanding the psychological aspects of money can lead to better financial well-being.

These videos cover a range of topics from financial education to mindful spending and the psychology behind our financial decisions. Whether you’re a financial novice or someone looking to deepen your understanding of money matters, these videos offer valuable insights and practical tips for cultivating financial wellness in your life. Take the time to watch and reflect on these videos as you embark on your journey toward a more financially conscious and mindful future.

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