Save Together-Achieve Financial Goals as a Team.

In the journey of life, there are moments meant to be shared. Whether it’s building a home with your partner, planning an epic vacation with friends, or organizing a special celebration with colleagues, these experiences are even more fulfilling when you tackle them together. That’s where Sav steps in, offering you the power to save together, plan together, and achieve together.

Mithil Ajmera,
Co-founder and COO

Saving with Your Spouse or Partner.

Couples who save together, thrive together. Picture this: you and your partner, both working towards your dream home. With Sav Duo, our feature designed for couples, you can synchronize your financial goals effortlessly. It’s like having a joint savings account, but better. Whether it’s for a cozy love nest or an exciting adventure, you both contribute, plan and watch your dreams come to life, hand in hand.

Saving with Family & Friends.

Every unforgettable adventure starts with a plan. With Sav Squad, our feature for friends and families, you can make your dreams a reality, whether it’s a grand family vacation or a surprise gift for a loved one’s milestone. Pool your savings, create goals, and track your progress as a group. It’s like planning a voyage with a well-coordinated crew – everyone contributes to the success of the journey. 

Saving with Colleagues.

Work hard, save smart. Sav with Squad isn’t just for personal goals; it’s also perfect for office buddies. Imagine, your colleagues pitching in for a memorable office celebration or a team-building retreat. With Sav, you can create collective goals, contribute seamlessly, and enjoy the rewards together. It’s like having a dedicated budget for office fun, with everyone chipping in for a fantastic experience. 

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