Instant Money Transfers, Your Way.

Welcome to Flash – the revolutionary feature that’s changing the way you transfer money in the UAE.

What Is Flash?

Flash is your gateway to instant, hassle-free money transfers. It’s the power to send and receive money instantly using your unique Sav ID, making it the fastest and most convenient way to settle bills, split expenses, and share funds with friends and family.

A Revolution in Money Transfer.

In a world that never stops, your money shouldn’t either. Flash revolutionizes money transfers in the UAE by offering:

Why Flash Beats Bank Transfers.

Bank transfers can be a tedious and costly affair. Here’s why Flash is a game-changer:

How to Use Flash.

Using Flash is as easy as sending a text message:

Lightning-Fast Transactions.

Flash lives up to its name – it’s the fastest way to send and receive money. Whether it’s splitting a dinner bill, covering rent, or repaying a friend, Flash ensures your money reaches its destination in the blink of an eye.

Settle Bills with Ease.

Flash isn’t just for transferring money between friends. It’s your all-in-one tool for settling bills, making payments, and managing expenses. Split the rent with your roommates, share the cost of groceries, or pay your share of the utilities – all with a few taps

Request Money with Sav ID.

Flash isn’t limited to sending money; you can also request funds using your unique Sav ID. Simply enter the amount, select the recipient, and send the request. It’s that simple!

Your Security Is Our Priority.

Your financial security is paramount. Rest assured, Flash is backed by robust encryption and security measures to safeguard every transaction. Your money is in safe hands.

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