Sav Card Rewards & Benefits.

Sprinkling a little magic dust.

Every time you save on Sav, you get Sav coins. You can use these coins to free coffee, movie night, curated experiences and more.

1 AED saved = 1 Sav coin

Reap the rewards.

Get extra discount from your preferred brands when you achieve your financial goal. Sav intelligently maps your financial goal with your favorite brands that offer you unmissable deals.

More from the brands you love.

Get up to 50% off when you buy in store and up to EXTRA 15% off when you shop on your favorite e-commerce stores.

Your own universe.

Sav is bringing some of the finest brands from across the world on its platform. It is on its way to build a merchant store large enough to fulfil all your goals.

Discover your rewards.

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