We believe that managing money should not be complex
If you have transacted through the Sav card and the details are not reflecting on the card section, reach out to support.
If you have topped up your card and the amount is not reflecting as card balance, then the balance may be in the unsettled balance and will get settled within 48 hours. In case it doesn’t, the money will be returned to your bank account in 1-2 working days.

Yes, to send money through our app, the recepient has to be registered with Sav.

On Sav app homepage, there is an option–> Send Money. Click that and select your payee.

We currently do not do international peer-to-peer transactions through Sav card.

Sav charges a 2.3% fx fee plus standard rates of currency conversion.

5 ATM Withdrawals are free at Mashreq bank ATMs. Other withdrawals are charged based on standard bank rates.

Sav charges AED 1 for every top up.

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