Rules and Goals

We believe that managing money should not be complex

Yes, you may set your own goals and adjust the rules to suit your needs. Whether you are budgeting for a down payment on a house, a trip, or an emergency fund, our rules make it easy to reach your goals faster.

To create a new Goal, navigate to the Goals page and choose the type of Goal you would like to start. You may adjust the Goal name, the amount you want to budget for, the cover photo and which rules you would like the Goal to be funded by. When you are finished, tap ‘Create my Goal’ at the bottom to start!

Navigate to the Goals –> Existing Goals. Tap on the Goal name you would like to edit. From here you may update your cover photo, the name of the Goal, the target amount, what rules are applied and who may budget with you.

When your Goal has been completed, you may transfer funds to your spending balance on Sav Card. The money may be withdrawn from the ATMs or spent via the Sav Card.

Before you close out a Goal, you’ll need to transfer the money out of the Goal. You may move this to one of your other Sav Goals or your spending balance.

Sav Duo is a feature that allows you and a partner or friend to save money for a common goal and spend from it.

The 50:30:20 rule suggests allocating 50% of your income to needs, 30% to wants, and 20% to savings.

Smart Rules with Sav is a way to set aside money effortlessly and automatically. We help you set aside money by rounding up your spare change, setting and forgetting a regular transfer, or sorting your incomes. These rules work automatically in the background, so you may reach your goals without having to think about it.

Absolutely! With this rule, you may choose how much you want to budget and how often you want to budget it. You may choose to add money daily, weekly or monthly. We will do the rest for you, so you may just sit back and watch your funds grow.

With the salary sorter, we help you automatically set aside your salary towards multiple goals. You may set budgets and goals for different categories, like eating out, shopping, and entertainment and we will make sure you are sticking to them by automatically transferring money to your goals or pots. It is a great way to stay on top of your spending and reach your goals faster.

This daily pot is right there on the homepage for you to keep adding funds and keep some money aside for any future purchases, big or small.

Set this pot to round up to the nearest 5 when you spend through your card. This will help you save money without thinking about it.

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