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Yes, you currently need to be a resident in the UAE to get a Sav card. We hope to launch internationally in the future though!

Emirates ID is mandatory for registration on our app.

Please check if you are uploading an active Emirates ID. We also require you to submit the front and back of the physical Emirates ID while submitting.

If your video face recording has failed, this could be because we might need more clarity of the face to be captured. Please reattempt the same or reach out to support@sav.money

This is required to validate your source of income.

As of now, we require users to manually submit their documents (Emirates ID)

Your submitted Emirates ID must have expired. Please reupload your renewed ID.

If your submitted Emirates ID has expired, you will get a call from our customer support team to upload your renewed Emirates ID. If the renewed ID is not submitted in another 30 days, your Sav card gets suspended.
As a precaution, 30 days before your Emirates ID expiry date, your home screen on the app will show you a reminder to update your ID.

In case your KYC is not approved, you may have put incorrect details or there must be some other compliance issue. Please contact support at support@sav.money to get this resolved.

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