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We believe that managing money should not be complex

Yes, you may connect as many bank accounts as you like.


No, you can’t change these details. However, you may change your mobile number.

You can go to your email inbox and check for emails from If you find an email from Sav there, you will know your registered email address. Use that to login.

You might be trying to set a weak MPIN like 000000. We recommend to use a stronger MPIN for the security of your account.

You might be trying to sign up from an already registered email address.
If you have not verified the email yet, please go to Sign in –> Verify Email.
In case, you want to create a new account, please use a different email address.
Our system might have noticed some suspicious behaviour on your card and temporalily suspended your access. Please reach out to get more clarity and reclaim your access.

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