“Saving money is easier when you don’t have to think about it,” says a Sav user.

When it comes to money, everyone has some peculiar habits. Every morning, I receive a text that alerts me of my bank account balance. While some might argue that this practice amplifies anxiety and stress, I find it comforting. Knowing my available funds lets me navigate the day without fretting over small purchases. It’s not about financial restraint but about making mindful choices that align with my budget.
This simple routine grants a sense of control and peace. It’s not so much a restriction as it is an empowerment tool. With this knowledge at the start of the day, I can prioritize my spending, allocate resources wisely, and indulge guilt-free in occasional treats.

The morning text isn’t just about numbers; it’s a gentle nudge towards intentional living. It reminds me that being aware of my financial landscape doesn’t limit my choices; it expands them. It allows me to relish life’s little pleasures without compromising my financial goals.So, as the sun rises, and that text pops up, it’s not just about digits; it’s about embracing a balanced, mindful, and worry-free journey through my day.

I use the Sav app that makes saving money something you never, ever have to think about again. Sav’s magical algorithm lets you maintain complete control over your finances. If you know that you need to save money somehow but understand that agonizing over how much and when and why would cause you undue amounts of stress, then Sav is for you.
For me, Sav functions like a digital change jar more than anything else.Last I checked, Sav’s Round Up feature had automatically moved AED 7, AED2 and AED3.75 into my goal account on the app from myaccount. Those dirhams are just enough to be significant; I see a movie ticket, a t-shirt and a book ordered from Amazon. This spare change would cause me an unending worry about whether or not it was worth it to spend.
Half of the trouble with saving money is the anxiety that surrounds it. If I haven’t saved any money, the fact that I should causes its own set of worries, spinning through my brain like a top.
When managing my money with Sav, I can easily set aside the required amount and direct it to my short and long term objectives. While I save at a comfortable pace, I also earn Sav coins and rewards. But saving up for the inevitable things is harder – school fees, utility bills, weekly groceries. Having a secret stash of funds for these essentials is a life-saver. That’s where Sav’s Round Up feature is especially handy – I save even while I spend! It just can’t get better than this!

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