A card that gets you over AED 2,000 Every. Single. Month*

Get unparalleled benefits from your favorite brands on dining, salons, bill payments, jewellery, fashion, travel and more.

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Talk Of The Town

The Sav card is built with you and your lifestyle in mind so that you can live your best life.

It is Universal

Connect with multiple bank accounts. Switch between them easily.

It is smart

Saves your spare change every time you spend.
Provides card controls & daily spending limits.

Get in Under 2 Mins

Sign up & Get Started

Sign up and complete the KYC in under 2 mins on the Sav app.

Click on the offers icon

Find the offer icon on the top right of the home page and click on ‘Card benefits >AED 2,000’. View the details.

Get the Offer

Upon KYC completion, use the Sav card for your budgeting and daily expenses to get over AED 2,000 monthly.

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Features of Sav

How to get AED 2,000 monthly?

Cashback on paying Dewa SEWA FEWA or ADDC bills
AED 25
Valid once a month on a single payment of AED 300 or more.
Top-up with AED 2000 or more
Noon voucher of up to AED 500
Free Coffee
Get 1 free coffee everyday
AED 600
Milestone led rewards
Reward on every level
AED 50
On completing each step
Scratch Cards
Reward on every top up
AED 50
Get scratch card on every top up
AED 500
Assuming your monthly dining spends are AED 1000 at our partner restaurant. To get a full list of our partner resturants download the VISA Xperience app.
Noon Purchases
,Assuming you spend AED 2000 monthly on Noon
AED 60
Buy Noon Gift Vouchers at 3% discount
Assuming you use the Sav card on our travel partners
AED 150
Get rewards and valueback on Rehlat and Musafir. To see full list of travel benefits click on the shop section of the Sav app.
Assuming you buy gold and diamond jewellery from Sav partners
AED 200
Benefits on top up
Assuming you top up over AED 10,000 monthly,
AED 50

Our mission is to make savings accessible, simple, and lucrative

And hence, we have partnered with some of your favorite brands to offer the best deals to you at zero cost. You can save for what matters to you the most- from your dream vacation to your new phone and we will ensure that your goals are in special care.

More Than Half Of Savrs User Auto-Savings Rules To Save For Their Goals

Auto saving rules like set and forget helps you save money consistently towards goals. Depending on your interest, you may save money daily, weekly or annually. Set up your saving rules in just 3 clicks on the Sav app.

That Inspire Us : 

Award-Winning Fintech Startup: We’re thrilled to have received the “Best Fintech Startup Award” in 2023 and the “Most Promising Startup Award” in 2022. These accolades inspire us to continue innovating.

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